SY 2018 - 2019

  • Engaged in the Kirwan Commission’s work assessing the current education funding formula in order to make recommendations for policy initiatives to increase the adequacy and equity of state funding for public education

  • Worked in coalition with The Intersection to canvass Baltimore neighborhoods advocating for the Lock Box ballot issue.

  • Developed a voter guide to share the education stance of each candidate in the gubernatorial election.

SY 2017 - 2018


  • Educating Voters

    • Held a successful gubernatorial forum which educated voters in Baltimore City around education issues for the primary election.

    • Canvassed Baltimore's neighborhoods to educate voters on the "Maryland Gambling Revenue Dedicated to Education Lockbox Amendment," more commonly referred to as the Lockbox Fund, which supports amending the state constitution to dedicate revenue from casinos to the public school system as supplemental funding rather than a replacement to state funds.

SY 2016 - 2017


  • Budget Crisis

    • Secured $30 million from Baltimore City Government to City Schools over three years

  • Accountability

    • Held Mayor accountable for campaign promises with “BEE a Hero” Action to address school budget deficit

    • Co -organized rally at City Hall turning out over 500 attendees.

    • Solidified relationship with City Council President and members

    • Published Op-Ed in The Baltimore Brew, which rallied other advocacy groups around BEE’s push to secure a $50 million commitment to City Schools.

  • City Schools Narrative

    • Published op-ed which rallied other advocacy groups around BEE’s push to secure a $50M commitment to City Schools


SY 2015 - 2016


  • City Schools’ Budget

    • Central office transparency in City Schools’ budget process

    • Shifting $1.5 million dollars from school police to student-facing dollars

    • Developed a mayoral election voter guide to inform the community where candidates stood on education issues.

    • Advocated for increased central office transparency in City Schools’ budget process, publishing an op-ed in The Baltimore Sun